Flipora Is Going To Be A Big Hit

I love getting on social media apps because of the way that they help me to stay in the know with all that is going on in the world around me. Whether I am checking in with my friends and family, or checking in with a celebrity, I love that all that I need to do is to go on my device and get on an easy to use app. It’s great to be able to have a knowledge of all that is going on in such a simple way. I love that I don’t have to put too much effort into the relationships that I hold, but yet I can still hear all about what is going on in the lives of the ones that I love. Because, the reality is, that sometimes I am too busy to check in with everyone. And social media apps help me to be able to do that without taking too much time or effort.
One new social media app that has come out recently and that I am excited to try out for myself is called Flipora. This new app is all about being able to connect with things that one has done in the past. I love that I will be able to use this app if I want to be able to get things done more quickly and efficiently. That’s what social media is all about to me, and I think that this new app is going to be a real hit.
When I want to check in with my family or friends to see how they are doing, or to see what they are up to, all that I need to do is to log onto one of my social media apps. Social media makes everything so handy and convenient for everyone, and I love that fact. I love using it and being able to stay in touch with all of the people that I otherwise would have lost contact with throughout the years. Social media helps me out in so many ways, and I could not imagine my life without my apps.

In a World that Needs S’Well

From Small Business Trends

Countless hours and dollars have been spent on trying to eliminate the unnecessary use of plastic and plastic products all around the world. Many different environmental groups and government groups have been trying their hardest to get rid of the unwanted and excess plastic. unfortunately these efforts have only made a small dent and the problem still persists. Numerous countries have tried to combat the problem for so long that the government has even decided to step in and do what they can to eliminate the problem.
At this point in time many companies are trying to find different alternatives for use of plastic bottles instead of eliminating them completely. Unfortunately and none of the different alternatives have been able to keep the interest of consumers. One company decided to market metal bottles that can hold a surplus of water and can be refilled by the consumer many times over. Unfortunately, the bottle itself is not very attractive and consumers did not partake in the product. While the looks and aesthetics of refillable water bottles are not important to the operation of trying to get rid of plastic bottles, it is incredibly important to consumers.
Sarah Kauss is the founder of S’Well. Sarah was one of the consumers who tried their hand at carrying around a metal water bottle. While Sarah worked as a real estate executive and CPA she carried around the bottle in an effort to curb her use of plastic bottles. Sarah notes that it was ideal for use while you were camping, or at the gym, but not as an executive. She deemed it unprofessional to walk around the office in a pants suit while carrying a briefcase in one hand and a water bottle in the other. It was at this time that Sarah decided work on reusable water bottles of her own. In 2010, Sarah created a startup called S’Well.
S’Well bottles are reusable bottles that come insulated and can keep beverages at the desired temperature for an excessive amount of hours. Hot drinks can say hot for 12 hours and cold drinks can stay cold for 24 hours. The bottles themselves come in various design, colors, and styles that are appealing to consumers. In 2011 the S’Well bottle was featured in Oprah Magazine as a popular summer product. This feature gave the S’Well startup a major boost. Now that the world has been put on to S’Well bottles, Sarah can see the elimination of plastic bottles on the horizon.

Doe Deere Brings Fun back To Fashion And Cosmetics

The fashion industry can be a difficult one to break into, but for those who do the chance to influence the lives of others is a major draw towards the world of high fashion. Doe Deere is one of the few who have broken into the fashion world who are having a lasting effect on the way the production and marketing of cosmetics and makeup is taking place in the 21st century. Deere is one of the rare breed of independent fashion producers who have made a splash in the industry in recent years by going her own way and producing cosmetics in a way that provides inspiration for all those who follow her products.

The Lime Crime brand on Amazon is a young one, but Doe Deere has been attempting to break into the fashion industry for a number of years since she arrived in New York to complete her education in fashion. After originally creating Lime Crime to sell her own range of clothing the founder of the brand found herself drawn increasingly to the production and design of her own range of cosmetics. Deere has become known for her own makeup style, which left her looking to create her own makeup when the traditional brands did not create makeup reflecting her own sense of unique style. The skills Doe Deere eventually developed creating her own makeup are still used as she works each day in the Lime Crime labs and publishes videos detailing how to make basic makeup from the ingredients found Online and in stores.

Breaking the monopoly of the major cosmetics brands is a difficult thing to do, but Doe Deere is looking to create a style of her own as she works towards producing a line that reflects the personality of herself and the lives of her loyal clients. The cruelty free production of the Lime Crime makeup is the first step that attracts many individuals to the brand, but the personality and style of Doe Deere herself draws increasing numbers of people to the brand. Encouraging people to be themselves is a major part of the marketing used by Doe Deere to create a cosmetics brand that is as much a lifestyle choice as it is a way of covering up blemishes.

Make A Bold Statement With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime is transforming the cosmetics industry. For over 100 years, the making and marketing of cosmetics has been dominated by major brands with big budgets. But Lime Crime and its creator Doe Deere has begun to change that. Doe Deere is a Brooklyn, New York based Russian born entertainer and entrepreneur that has commandeered to internet and used it to make her Lime Crime line of cosmetics a worldwide sensation. Lime Crime is statement make-up. They come in colors so loud they almost assault the eyes. With colors like electric lavender, perfect pink, vibrant orchid, blackest black, and airborne unicorn, the lipsticks, eye-shadow, and nail polish is impossible to ignore.

Cosmetics have been around for thousands of years. Researchers say the ancient Egyptians were using lipstick and eye-shadow over 6,000 years ago. The people in the Indus Valley, the Sumerians, the ancient Chinese, and the Greeks were also beautifying themselves and making fashion statements using cosmetics thousands of years before the birth of Christ. Those peoples crushed plants, rocks, and even precious stones and metals to make cosmetics that protected their skin and made their faces stand out. Initially cosmetics were only used by royalty, but over the years it was adopted by the common folk as well.

The modern cosmetics industry took off in earnest beginning in the 1900s. One of the earliest brands was L’Oreal. The 1920s and 30s saw cosmetics explode onto the scene. The lipstick, nail polish, eye-shadow, rouge, and powders that were once only used by actors and entertainers were embraced by the hoi polloi. Today in countries the world over hundreds of millions of people use cosmetics every day. Brands like Max Factor, Avon, Maybelline, Olay, Lancôme, Clinique and Revlon are household names and are found on famous faces and the faces of the average man and woman as well.

L’Oreal is the world’s most famous and largest cosmetic brand. The French company makes over 500 products for the skin hair and nails. Avon, an American cosmetics company, is the 5th largest manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics. Its products are sold in more than 140 countries worldwide. Lancôme cosmetics are known for creating an enormous array of high quality products. They include foundation and concealer that evens skin tone, lead-free lipstick, and nail polish in thousands of shades. Clinique is considered the safest cosmetic brand. It’s also among the most expensive. Its entire line of cosmetics is dermatologically allergy tested and made for specific skin tones and climatic conditions.

Lime Crime cosmetics are decidedly different. They are loud, brash, and attract attention. People use them to make a bold personal statement or proclaim their individuality. Lime Crime releases the rebel within.

How Lime Crime Has Transformed The Cosmetic Products Industry

A majority of women from every corner of the world whether in developed or developing countries suffer from low levels of self-esteem due to poor body image. As a result, many opt for cosmetics as a temporary way of quickly transforming their image and, therefore, raise levels of confidence. However, the end may not always meet the means. Reason being some of the cosmetics that are locally and readily available are of poor quality and the side effects emanating from the use of some of these products are detrimental.

Women are constantly faced with stereotypes about the society’s expectation of beauty. This results in many of them feeling inadequate about themselves that leads to reduced levels of self-confidence. They are also known to be very keen on current fashion trends which means that the media has a lot of influence on their choice of cosmetic products which in most cases is just marketing hype. It takes an informed woman to make the right choice when these products are concerned. This is because cosmetic products are designed to be used for different people based on various factors.

Research has proven that many women have their self-esteem related to their body size and shape. Besides, it has also been proven that when cosmetic products are used and in the most professional way, they radically change the way women feel about themselves. These products can instill a sense of femininity that makes a woman feel like she has conformed to society’s expectation of beauty. Many women use cosmetics for improved social image presentation and better self-image management.

However, the influx of sub-standard products in the market and lack of adequate knowledge in the most appropriate way to use them has been a tremendous challenge to women who want to improve their looks. These hustles that women go through in a bid to look good, compelled the founder of Lime Crime to research on cosmetic products that would bring the desired effects without further affecting their self-image.

Lime Crime does not only deal with quality products; it is committed to providing only the highest quality cosmetic products on the market. The company specializes in products for use in all areas of beauty. Their products range from high-quality lipsticks and eye and nail products. Customers who have used their products have provided very positive reviews about their awesome quality.

Every woman who wants a change in the way she looks should try Lime Crime products. The sound quality of their products is next to none, and their team is committed to providing top-notch products and services that will leave every woman feeling content regardless of the occasion. The self-esteem and the confidence that any woman has been yearning for can only be achieved by using Lime Crime products.

The Finest Step

Any item made of leather has been considered a fine attribute to own, whether its a belt, the interior of a car, a wallet or a beautifully handcrafted shoe. Men’s luxury shoes on paulevansny.com started with handcrafted leather decades ago and it is a tradition that has held strong even in today’s world. Good, handcrafted leather shoes can accent a well tailored suit or give a day to day outfit a pop of luxury along with being a comfortable shoe to spend the day in. Comfort is a big contributing factor to men who plan on spending good money on a shoe that not only will last long but will continue to add a sharper, more refined look throughout the year.

Men’s shoes didn’t always start off as the simple and elegant design you see in store windows and in advertisements. Men’s shoes started off heeled, as a woman’s shoe is now, and had shiny gold buckles on top. After the revolution many businessmen and men of wealth started veering towards a less attention grabbing shoe for ones that didn’t grab the attention of everyone passing by. Soon high heels were taking off men’s shoes all together and flat soled shoes with a somber and sleek look became the icon for men’s luxury shoes. Currently, there are very few styles of dress shoes for men, and most seek a sleeker look compared to a clunky hunk of material. Men who reach for a well crafted and higher end shoe show the world they care greatly about their appearance, even if its a little white lie that needs to be told in an interview or business meeting. Some men just enjoy a shoe that will last a long time and know that if you want quality you have to spend a bit more money.

Paul Evans is a well known company in the luxury shoe line, with their fresh take on business and love for a well crafted shoe, they’re making a name for themselves in the world of luxury.. Most American and British shoe companies do not use the prized material that is true Italian leather and choose to use their own personally made materials. At Paul Evans they have partnered with six Italian families who have been handcrafting leather shoes for decades. Their shoes are made with the utmost care by people who have long held the tradition and have perfected the craft. By cutting out the middle man in their transactions their shoes are available for a lower price for customers all around the world without having to sacrifice quality. Every man deserves to own a fine pair of leather shoes, and Paul Evans has every style for every man.

Doe Deere heads a new breed of cosmetics entrepreneurs

The world of cosmetics is no longer limited to large companies who have millions of dollars to spend on research and focus groups to create and test out their latest products. Instead, increasing numbers of makeup enthusiasts are now taking back control of the products they use and taking the opportunity to create new and bold colors not often represented in lines from the major cosmetics brands. One of the best known of all the cosmetics entrepreneurs of recent times is Lime Crime’s Doe Deere, who has developed her own love of bold cosmetics into a multi million dollar company she heads herself.

Cosmetics have always been a popular option, but the chance to create your own line of cosmetics for yourself or to sell to others has recently become simple with the increase in products available over the Internet. The ingredients and recipes for creating the best in cosmetic products are now easy to find Online and makes it a simple option for anybody to create their own range of cosmetics. This is allowing large numbers of cosmetics enthusiasts to attempt to create their own line of products that can be offered for sale or simply given to friends and family members.

An entrepreneur who has reached high levels of success in recent years is Lime Crime founder Doe Deere. This Russian born and New York educated cosmetics expert is well known for seeking out the best options in cosmetics that can be enjoyed by her customers who can buy Lime Crime cosmetics via Online stores. Lime Crime was born as the brainchild of Deere who began the range as a clothing line featuring individual and unique pieces sold Online. A change of style led to a change of products in the cosmetics line that has now morphed into one of the fastest growing cosmetics companies in the world.

Lime Crime is one of the new breed of makeup producers who are looking to produce different cosmetics products than are traditionally produced by the major manufacturers. Lime Crime is a good example of this as the reputation of the company was grown Online and includes a number of bold products that offer a highly stylized look for the wearer. This group of new cosmetics brands are largely produced in small companies, for example Doe Deere works with a cosmetics specialist to produce new products on a daily basis for her growing brand.

Doe Deere Follows Her Dreams And Inspires Others To Do The Same

Doe Deere, the colorful rising start of the makeup world, was recently interviewed on Guest of a Guest. Deere is the founder of Limecrime, a Los Angeles based cosmetics company. The self-proclaimed “Queen of the Unicorns,” Deere opened up about her personal background on guestofaguest.com, the start of her business and advice to other young entrepreneurs.

Deere was born in Russia. Even in her youth she demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit. When she was 13 she had her own temporary tattoo business. She was able to convince her friends and classmates that wearing temporary tattoos was acceptable even though they were uncommon in Russia.

Deere moved to the United States in 1998 when she was seventeen years old. After arriving in America, Doe studied fashion at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and lived in New York City for fourteen years. Before entering the fashion and cosmetics world, Deere pursued her ambition of becoming a musician. Although Deere ultimately left the music business, she gained quite a bit from it that would help her in her business life. She learned how to promote herself and her endeavors by becoming an expert in grass roots marketing. A former bandmate also became her husband and business partner in Limecrime.

Deere founded Limecrime in 2008. Deere had always been drawn to bright and vibrant colors for her outfits and designs and noticed that there was very little such color in the makeup industry. Deere decided to address the problem by creating her own makeup line. Limecrime’s product line includes an array of colors not normally seen in the typical cosmetics palate and reflects Deere’s belief that a woman should use her makeup to proudly express herself. Deere also is committed to makeup that is “cruelty free” in the production process, demonstrating her social conscience. Deere’s beliefs clearly resonate with others, as is evidenced by Lime Time’s exponential growth over seven years.

In her interview, Deere advises other young entrepreneurs to “follow your heart because I believe that every person has something special about them – some kind of unique skill or quality that only they have in the world. And when you tune into that, that’s when you really start to blossom and reach your truest potential.” Deere remarked that she first thought that she was alone in her views. Yet when she moved forward with her vision for Limecrime she realized that she had tapped into a demand for colorful self-expression unmet by the rest of the cosmetics industry. Deere firmly believes that people can succeed when they follow their dreams.

Men’s wear Brand – Paul Evans.

One of the best men’s wear brands is Paul Evans. It mostly puts a lot of focus on footwear. It was started by Mr. Evan Fript and Benjamin in the year 2012. Their italian shoes are manufactured in Italy a place named Naples.

This brand is Vertically Integrated and it sells its products directly to the customer on-line. Their e-commerce website was launched in 2013. In the beginning, the company released three brands namely Brando, Cagney and Grant from the cap-toe oxfords. All these were made from Italian Skin. Later in 2014, they introduced three more brands which include Chaplin suede tassel loafer, the Martin whole-cut oxford, and Stewart penny loafer. This very young brand whose founders met in the university, seeks to do away with a middle ground by offering good quality of shoes at a lower and affordable prices giving a favorable quality/price ratio for buyers. They are doing this by offering uniqueness in their products which are a very good quality for attracting buyers.

Their aim is to keep things elegant yet simple, tasteful and yet reasonably affordable. The Grant is their most loved type of shoe. Made in Italy, the shoe is the classic cap toe. The shoe has hidden stitches on the vamp and the cap is made by extending the same leather giving it a sleeker look, unlike most other models that have the leather extended by a different piece of leather. Furthermore, the leather used is of very high quality and the shoe is essentially very comfortable. It can be worn in any instance either with a suit or below a pair of jeans and it will fit perfectly.

Besides these details, the line of the shoe is very positive and graceful, which is outstanding considering that the edges of the sole are relatively thick. This achievement in terms of style is largely due to the solid forms of the shoe. The bend of the leather on the edges and on the top is very distinct bringing uniqueness in the final product.

On the other hand, the painted effect is rich in color and you can see it from below the sun. With more classic brands, the colors often seem new even when the shoe is a little aged. Detached pinholes give the shoe a more relaxed look and, of course, the more holes the more casual it is. On the other hand, hidden seams are a more usual detail. The manufacture of these shoes is a Blake canvas, however, the edge of the sole is relatively large and assuring a sense of firmness.

It is quite evident that the Paul Evans offers a large range of quality and affordable products making it one you should consider buying.

Adam Sender Has Amassed A Collection Of Art By Contemporary Masters

Collecting art is not a job for those with weak hearts. Amateurs who try dabbling in this particular have learned the hard way that it’s never easy to pick valuable works that go up in value consistently. Hedge fund manager Adam Sender has shown he has that particular “eye” that allows him to choose the works of contemporary artists who are just about to break out in the minds of the art-loving public.

Fifteen years of collecting art have allowed Sender to amass an enviable collection of works by many modern masters. He has developed an astute eye that has allowed him to purchase work by those who he considers to be great artists. The strategy has paid off well, as evidenced by his recent auction at Sotheby’s. Sender spent his career in hedge funds first working at Steven A. Cohen’s SAC Capital Advisors LP before he started his own fund called Exis in 1998. He has winded down that company and is now well-known for the incredible job he’s done picking artworks.

Sender said when he started collecting art he wanted to buy the best work he could find. He could not afford to buy original Warhols, so he started buying the works of artists who could become the next Andy Warhol. Early on he recognized that art was an investment form. His strategy has paid off well. In 2006, he sold 30 million pieces for $19 million. Sender bought heavily from 1998 to 2008. When the contemporary art market really took off, he was well-positioned to capitalize on the trend. His Sotheby’s auctions labelled as “AHEAD OF THE CURVE: THE SENDER COLLECTION,” has been selling well in 2014 and 2015. Adam Sender has received many accolades from those in the art world who marvelled at his eye. He bought many pieces at what would now be considered major discounts because of how much they have appreciated.

Adam Sender was also written about by ArtNews.

Adam Sender is liquidating his art collection, which is now all in profit. The money he collected on earlier auctions helped him recoup his investments in art. Mr. Sender cited his recent divorce and closing down Exis as the reason he has decided to sell his art collection. He has been looking for a new direction to go in after devoting a large part of his life to investing and art. The global market for art is huge at over $65 billion a year in global sales. Contemporary artists have caught on majorly in the last ten years as is proven by the worth of Adam Sender’s collection. It’s likely this area of the art world will remain hot for the foreseeable future. Buying the right art is a lot like making the perfect investment.