My way or the Handy way

I have four brothers, so issues with things like who is going to clean came up a lot. However, I had other talents that I could trade for cleaning duty. Cleaning is not hard, but I prefer to simply clean up after myself immediately, so it never gets dirty. I was and still am strict about this even today because I despise cleaning. My college roommate hated me because I was always on him about cleaning immediately. The norm is to let things pile, so there is this thing called cleaning up. It is totally ridiculous, and I never understood it. I think my mom just liked cleaning as a ritual on Saturdays. She had music and everything like it was an event. She made us participate even though I had a better system. I understand now in adulthood that life can get busy, but this is one thing that I refuse to budge on. I am sure that my kids think that I am completely OCD, but I just do not like cleaning, and I refuse to let them adopt the cleaning up method.

However, the world is not me, and this includes my wife and kids because sometimes, they simply have had enough of me. They protest and slam doors. They moan and whine, and finally, I give in, and we will let things go to get some sleep or eat. So who cleans after days of this, me. So this sends me back into my clean it up now habit, and all is right with the world. Well, at least the house is clean, and more importantly, it is organized. There are many hours aggregately lost being unorganized each week, and it breaks my concentration. I am a paranoid writer, so breaking my chain of thought makes me think that I may have lost a multi-million dollar thought. In turn, I am further stressed by my over-exaggerated, imaginary loss. To prevent all of this angst, I have begun to hire a cleaner, and my family loves me for it because they can now be even lazier.

I have found cleaning services to be very arbitrary in pricing and unreliable even. As a result, we had to resort to my cleaning technique for a while. Sensing increasing rancor, I searched the Web for a solution or alternative to common house cleaning services. I happened upon an app called the Handy app. This is a house cleaning app that functions exactly like you would think an app for a service works. I hit them on Handy via techcrunch, and they come. People that utilize the app are able to give ratings to the cleaner’s that they utilize, and more experienced cleaners are priced higher than less experienced ones. I like that they work hard. I think this has something to do with their being contractors, and the app simply helps them build their businesses effectively. There are other safeguards that include paying the app instead of money changing hands in person that make the Handy app a real comprehensive alternative to traditional cleaning services.

How to Overcome Biases in Business

One of the major issues in society and business deals with some kind of discrimination towards any type of group. When one thinks about discrimination, the common forms that are thought about is discrimination on account of race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. It is a real issue in business. Often times, a group is shown greater favor than another. However, the only way to overcome this issue is to overcome it from within. When people see certain issues for what they truly are, then they have a better chance at resolving the issue.

One thing to remember is that anyone can and has been discriminated against. No one is immune to discrimination. Also, prejudice and discrimination in the workplace is often based on the group that the person is discriminated against. Whenever people are looked at on an individual basis, then unfair treatment is likely to happen. However, it takes both sides to accomplish that. The woman that has been discriminated against is better off looking at the one doing the discriminating and not at the group as a whole. She should recognize each individual responsible for the discrimination as well as her own responsibility. She must also see commonalities with her and the others that she is with.

An example of someone who does not view people based on their group or labels attached to him or her is Susan McGalla on She was raided to see herself and others as people. Her football coach father did not go easy on her on the basis of her gender. He treated her the same as the boys. She has brought this with her to the workplace. When she held management positions, she related to people as people. There was no thought on any particular aspect of the person. Even as a business owner, she still looks at the person’s actions instead of any physical attributes that identify and group him.

Susan is an example of one who has overcome prejudice and does not discriminate. A businesswoman would do well to overcome any prejudice that she has faced by confronting it within herself. This is not to say that when she addresses any prejudice within herself, it is going to stop others from being prejudiced towards her and treating her according to her prejudices. However, she is going to be more inclined to take the high road and less likely to allow others to drag her down to their ignorance in the business world. The business world is full of things to avoid for both men and women.

4 Best Social Media Apps for iPhone and Android You are Missing Out

The first quarter of the 21st century has passed and technology was a major backbone of its undeterred success, especially the mobile phone technology. It all started way back in 1882when Charles Barbage came up with the very first mechanical computer which does resemble the modern day version of a computer. The Konrad Zuse came up with the very first programmable computer between 1936 and 1938. He did this while in his parent’s house. Other inventions followed suite. Each later invention became smaller and much more efficient than the former.

Currently, the smartphone and iPhone seem to be getting the greatest hype even over the most portable laptop around. Mobile applications are churning out one after another and flood all over App Stores. However, the most notable ones are the social media apps. Everyone’s very first thing every morning has permanently changed to social media timeline.

To keep the fun buzzing hot, here are the top apps you should be keeping on your phone now;


It is new, it is big and it is growing by the minute. It is adding up to 150,000 people every single week.

This site is much more helpful too. The site helped users find the sites they had already visited. This was way back while it was under the name InfoAxe. Its rebranding to Flipora brought a basket of goodies with it. Now users can choose their topics from a list provided by the site then go ahead to surf the internet using the service. Flipora helps archive all the sites they visited. Some might be good sites to you hence saving you the trouble of blindly researching the net next time.

Also, this site uses its user’s previous searches to offer the next suggestion. So the user keeps flipping tones of useful information at his/her fingertips.

The Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishna founded company currently boasts of over 8 million users and 10 investors of up to $5.4 million.


If you are a photo-sharing fanatic then you want to try this awesome application. It is only that here there is added advantage of hashtags and geotags that helps bring together people of a specific interest. Inclusion of voting on the timeline makes it a must have app.


If you like snap chat minus the commenting stage then you will totally enjoy this app. Here, you can take lots of pictures and share them with fellow users. No one comments because of cyber bullying. Instead, everyone goes to a separate chat option to communicate to friends,

It is social and it is there to regulate how much hate you get from Facebook. You also cut away unnecessary statuses on your timeline. This gets you intimate to your friends of your choice.
Remember, all the apps are available for android and iOS.

Highland Capital Management – Tips For Investment

The diversified approach to invest is not only a better way to reach your financial goals but a lot easier as well. When you are investing through capital management firm like Highland Capital Management, your choices become a lot clearer. The information and investment strategies provided by companies like Highland Capital Management are the keys to being a successful investor.

For someone wanting to harness the true power of stock market like James Dondero, here is a tip – You don’t want to pick one large company stock. Instead, go for smaller and midsize companies. Index funds are great because they track the broader market. These funds don’t really buy every company on the market, only a select few. By the way, index funds have many tax advantages as well. Your index fund may also have some exposure to foreign companies since many foreign economies are growing at a faster rate than compared to the United States. Now, you may not have direct access to these funds. This is where capital management company like Highland Capital management comes into play.

Prior to 199os and during the dot-com boom, investors always thought that cash and bonds were for losers. The notion was that true investors like Jim Dondero had plenty of time to ride out the market recession. Not anymore. Now cash is king and bond can save your life. When 2002 bear market started chewing investors’ portfolio, many took shelter under these plans. Capital management firms advise people to invest wisely and not to lose their nest eggs to risky investments. It is not that cash and bond will not lose value. The actual value of bonds can also raise depending on prevailing interest rates and other factors. And these raises and falls are less dramatic than stocks. In essence, cash and bonds are an important cushion for the protection of your assets. They are helpful in keeping you in the game of investment, especially when stocks and mutual funds are tempting you to run for the exits. Again, there are other venues where sound investments can be made. Real estate is one such venue. Real estate tends to gain and lose value in a totally different way than stocks or cash. REITs are meant to allow investors invest in real estate such as commercial properties, apartment complexes, hotels, malls, business and retail centers.

About Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is an investment management firm that manages its clients’ hedge funds, distressed investment funds and structured investment funds. The firm provides service in global public equity, hedging markets, fixed income, high yield bonds and structured products. Highland Capital Management is based in Dallas, Texas and has many offices in and around the United States. The company was founded in 1993 and now operated by James Dondero. It has offices in New York, London and Singapore as well with approximately $19 billion of assets. Closed-end funds such as Highland Distressed Opportunities (NYSE: HCD) and Highland Credit Strategy Fund (NYSE: HCF) are managed by Highland Capital Management.

Status Labs May Be Able To Help Ashley Madison Hack Victims

A large number of members of the online dating site are reaching out to reputation management firms. They really have to do something. In the aftermath of the notorious data breach of the extra-marital affair community, a lot of personal and private information was released online. People’s credit card information has been made public create a potentially disastrous financial situation. At least the fiscal damage can be fixed with credit repair. The damage to a reputation, well, that might require an enormous amount of work to fix. Can it be fixed? With the right reputation management firm on the job, the situation may end up being handled.

Darius Fisher, the President of Status Labs, has noted his company is going to deliver free crisis management counseling to those who are in an emergency situation due to the hack. Anyone who was a member of Ashley Madison and feels a reputation has been harmed should speak with someone from Status Labs. There is no way a reputation is going to be healed with time. Anything indexed in the search engines is going to remain there to some degree waiting to be found. Reputation management makes the info harder to be found and even diminished.

The ways to do this are vast. Significant search engine optimization work might be help change the listings in the results when someone’s name is entered. Making sure the first 20 listings in the results are positive definitely would be a big plus over presenting anything negative. Publishing a really nice and new social media profile could have a dramatic effect on changing the dialogue about someone. There are numerous social media sites that may be tapped to create a perfect image of a person. A skilled reputation management professional knows how to utilize all these resources to their maximum benefit.

Status Labs is an established company that works with scores of different types of clients. No matter how a reputation has been tarnished, this firm can offer some help. Again, hoping the problem goes away is not exactly easy in the internet age. Proactive actions to deal with the situation is necessary.

How Shaygan Kheradpir Conquered the World of Business & Technology

Shaygan Kheradpir is an impressive technology and business CEO who has managed to master the business world as the chief executive officer of Juniper Networks. His educational background hails from Cornell University where he obtained a bachelors, masters and doctorate all in the field of electrical engineering.

One of his leading contributions to the technology world is a fiber optic communications network that is known as FiOS. This fiber optic network bundles together television, telephone, and internet and due to the hard work of Kheradpir has been deployed at Verizon. Of course, his amazing work has not stopped here has he also launched the Transform program for Barclays and helped develop and deploy the Pingit mobile money system.

As noted, Kheradpir began his career and helped make a name for himself while working at Verizon. At this time it was known as GTE Corporation until it merged in 2000 with Bell Atlantic and became Verizon. When he was first hired he was responsible for working on control, network routing, and management but was soon promoted to chief information officer for GTE Corporation. As the company grew so did he and for 11 years he worked as Verizon’s CIO/CTO and was in charge of its massive IT systems with a team of 7,000. He helped to develop new products such as lobi and Verizon One. He was able to reduce spending by outsourcing and negotiating better prices with vendors. Of course, while he was there he also launched the fiber optic network.

After leaving Verizon he worked with Barclays for two years as the Global Retail & Business Bank Chief Operating Officer. Here he worked hard on creating customer based products such as Pingit. Before he left the company he was promoted to Chief Operations and Technology Officer marking the first time that a technology executive was part of Barclays executive team at all.

In January of 2014 he moved on as the Executive Officer for Juniper Networks where he stayed until November of 2014. During his short tenure at the company he was able to create and launch an Integrated Operating Plan that helped investors to purchase back stock, reduce their expenses, and increase their overall dividends.

Although Kheradpir obviously has had a very busy schedule over the years, he also found time to serve on the YMCA of Greater New York Advisory Board and served for the US board of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Top Texan Female Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden Opens Satellite Office in Marble Falls

Dr. Jennifer Walden, top Texan female plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas has opened a satellite office in Marble Falls. The satellite office was opened in 2014 in a small town near Austin. Dr. Walden is known in the medical plastic surgery field as a reputable Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and has practiced in New York City and is now practicing in the state of Texas. She is featured in several magazines, appeared on the national news & television programs, and has made the cover of various magazines. Just recently, she was featured in an article, Your Breasts: A User Manual, which was written in the May 2015 issue of Health Magazines.

Last year, Dr. Walden opened her private satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas at Bella Medical Spa. She is partnering with the Hill Country Memorial Hospital, Bella Medical Spa, and Hill Country Memorial Surgery Center. Bella Medical Spa was opened in 2005 by Dr. Amy Offutt and emphasizes on optimal health, preventive health, and alternative healing methods.

The surgery practice of Dr. Jennifer Walden began after completing her undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral certificates in Biology. She graduated from high school at Anderson High in Texas and earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas. After completion of an undergraduate’s degree, Jennifer attended University of Texas Medical Branch where she received a medical doctorate. Her medical surgery experience began in New York City in Plastic Surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat and Lenox Hill Hospitals as a Clinical Instructor of Surgery at New York University Langone Medical Center.

In 2011, Dr. Walden made a strategic decision to move back to her hometown to start her own practice as Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. The office is located at the Westlake Medical Center, where she has access to medical hospitals, including Seton Hospital, Hill Country Memorial Hospital, St. David’s North Austin Medical Center, and Central Park Surgery Center. Dr. Walden and her team of professionals specialize in surgical procedures to the body, breast, face, and nose. Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center also provides MedSpa treatments, including injectable, skincare, laser, and radio frequency.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has provided expertise on many topics pertaining to plastic surgery, advanced surgery technology, and injectable facial enhancement on television and in magazines. She has appeared on various television national news stations and programs, such as FOX News, The Early Show, The Today’s Show, 20/20, and Plastic Surgery Obsession. In May 2015, Dr. Walden was featured in the Health Magazine and has been featured in Vogue, N.Y. Magazine, Dallas/Fort Worth’s Indulge, New York Sun, and other popular magazines. Dr. Walden also made the covers of Italian Vogue, Austin M.D., and Plastic Surgery Practice magazines.

Dating In Russia Doesn’t Mean One Has To Travel To Russia To Date

It wasn’t unusual to hear of a man who wanted a Russian woman, and he went to Russia to find the perfect girl. Maybe the man was introduced to the lady through friends in the United States, and they began talking over the phone. In the past, and even now, it can be costly to call Russia, especially someone who’s doing it on a regular basis. Although it can be expensive to fly over to Russia, some men felt it was the only way they could get to know a Russian lady that they had been talking to.

The best thing about the American man flying over to Russia is the fact that the couple would be able to date in person, and if they chose to get married, they could do so. Things changed drastically over the years, and now it’s possible for an American man to date a Russian woman, without ever having to step on a plane to go to Russia. Although it would be fun and adventurous to travel over to Russia, especially in the pursuit of love, some people cannot afford to do that at will. Those who are not jet set will find alternative means to date in Russia.

If a man is interested in dating a Russian woman, the best thing he can do is to communicate with her through online means. There are now many dating websites that allow an American man to talk with a Russian woman, and this means that it’s less costly for both persons to date. It’s even been proven that a man and woman can fall in love, even if they date online, and they don’t see each other in person for a long time. Seeing each other in person may just be a formality because love is something a person can feel before they ever meet someone.

The AnastasiaDate website is a great starting point when someone wants to find a Russian woman, and AnastasiaDate has been around long enough to know how to make a love connection happen. The AnastasiaDate website has been around for 18 years, but the company was established in 1993. When the website came out in 1997, it made it a lot easier for American men who were determined to find a Russian woman.

With the popularity of online dating, AnastasiaDate has updated their website drastically in order to accommodate those who visit it regularly. The updated AnastasiaDate website is extremely easy to use, and the search engine is very unique. The search engine doesn’t only find a woman, but it allows a man to find a specific type of woman without much effort.

New Ownership for the Atlanta Hawks

In 2014 Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson self-reported to the NBA commission that he sent a racist email in 2012. He expressed great remorse in “inappropriately and offensively” discussing their fan base, which is largely African-American. He said the lack of white southern fans was undoubtedly because they were intimidated by the many poor black folks at the games. He cited the fact that 70% of the usual spectator crowd are black. By saying these things, he feared that he also inadvertently suggested that the Hawk’s white fans are more important than their black fans.

So the league investigated the situation. In the end he was found very guilty and was forced to sell his majority interest in the team. However, they need not have forced it. The remorseful Levenson did so willingly. To aid with the huge process of the sale Levenson and the Hawks hired investment management firm Goldman Sachs & Co. and investment banking firm Inner Circle Sports LLC. Levenson had been the majority owner since 2004. Since that time he has been the primary leader of the franchise.

With his departure, Atlanta CEO Steve Koonin will assume this responsibility. The new owners of the Hawks are an investment group led by billionaire, Tony Ressler. He and the group previously attempted and failed to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers. It was sold to a rival investment group for a whopping $2 billion. They plan to keep their new team in Atlanta. This group of investors includes former NBA star Grant Hill, private-equity investor Richard Schnall, and Spanx Inc. founder Sara Blakely and her husband, Jesse Itzler.

The new owners are very encouraged about the future of the Hawks who just came off the best season of any team in the eastern conference. That being said, the team went for several hundred million less than estimated and this has been judged fair; the arena is old and the team is one of the less valued teams in the NBA. It is expected that the new owners will keep the Hawks in Atlanta. And the city of Atlanta really, really wants this. In fact, Mayor Kasim Reed has offered all kinds of perks and gifts to the new owners if they will agree to have the team remain there for at least 30 more years.

Flipora Is Going To Be A Big Hit

I love getting on social media apps because of the way that they help me to stay in the know with all that is going on in the world around me. Whether I am checking in with my friends and family, or checking in with a celebrity, I love that all that I need to do is to go on my device and get on an easy to use app. It’s great to be able to have a knowledge of all that is going on in such a simple way. I love that I don’t have to put too much effort into the relationships that I hold, but yet I can still hear all about what is going on in the lives of the ones that I love. Because, the reality is, that sometimes I am too busy to check in with everyone. And social media apps help me to be able to do that without taking too much time or effort.
One new social media app that has come out recently and that I am excited to try out for myself is called Flipora. This new app is all about being able to connect with things that one has done in the past. I love that I will be able to use this app if I want to be able to get things done more quickly and efficiently. That’s what social media is all about to me, and I think that this new app is going to be a real hit.
When I want to check in with my family or friends to see how they are doing, or to see what they are up to, all that I need to do is to log onto one of my social media apps. Social media makes everything so handy and convenient for everyone, and I love that fact. I love using it and being able to stay in touch with all of the people that I otherwise would have lost contact with throughout the years. Social media helps me out in so many ways, and I could not imagine my life without my apps.