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Klassics Alive - Vintage Edition T-Shirt

This Alive! vintage washed tee is inspired by a 1978-79 tour design with the look and feel of a tee that just hopped off of a 1978 tour bus. This item features a printed tag on the interior outlining the events of the iconic Alive! Tour, front band image and logo, and “HOTTEST BAND IN THE LAND KISS” back hit.  

 The "KISS Tour" began in Chattanooga, Tennessee on September 10, 1975 and roared through North America and Europe over a six-month period. KISS rocked and rolled all nite for over 100 nights and cemented their legacy in support of their fourth record - which many deem their finest record - KISS Alive! charted over 110 weeks on the Billboard Chart. As popular as KISS and Alive! was at this time, it was the release of Destroyer, a new studio album released during this tour, that propelled them to another level and more accolades, including a People's Choice Award. 

All KISS Klassics t-shirts are 100% cotton and are made using a vintage wash. The design is intended to appear distressed to achieve a classic look and feel.