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Klassics Solo Army - Vintage Edition T-Shirt

This Solo vintage washed tee is inspired by a 1979 tour design with the look and feel of a tee that just hopped off of a world tour. This item features a printed tag on the interior outlining the events of the iconic Solo Album releases put out by the individual members of the band.  The front of this tee features all 4 album cover images with a colorful KISS Army logo and World Tour Year. 

In 1978, KISS was on top of the world. From sold out shows across the globe to comic books infused with their own blood, KISS seemingly had done it all in just a 5-year span. On September 18, 1978 KISS unleashed brand-new music to the KISS Army in the form of four solo albums. Each member of the band recorded their own full album, and each album shipped 1 million copies, certifying each with platinum status. During the 1979 World Tour, each KISS member played one song from their respective solo albums. Paul Stanley's "Move On," Gene Simmons' "Radioactive," Ace Frehley's "New York Groove," and Peter Criss' "Tossin and Turnin'" rocked the tour.  

All KISS Klassics t-shirts are 100% cotton and are made using a vintage wash. The design is intended to appear distressed to achieve a classic look and feel.