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Klassics The Return of KISS - Vintage Edition T-Shirt

This The Return of KISS vintage washed tee is inspired by an original 1979 tour design with the look and feel of a tee that just hopped off of a 1978 tour bus. This item features a printed tag on the interior outlining the events of the iconic Dynasty tour marking the return of KISS.  This tee features a black band image with red logo on the front and KISS NORTH AMERICAN TOUR back hit.

The Return of KISS! The Dynasty Tour began on June 15, 1979 in Lakeland, Florida. Riding high on the success of "I Was Made For Loving You," the band performed more than 80 shows over a six-month period. They also performed selections from  their respective solo albums including "Radioactive," "Move On," "Tossin' and Turnin'" and "New York Groove." Always looking to outdo KISS' previous concerts, Gene Simmons shocked audiences by flying over the crowd. Dynasty also marked the final tour with the original members (until their 1996 reunion).  

All KISS Klassics t-shirts are 100% cotton and are made using a vintage wash. The design is intended to appear distressed to achieve a classic look and feel.